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Quality graphics :]

... to Mea Culpa, a small graphics community managed by Kagome and Danya. We promise the best quality graphics for your use. :]


1. Direct/Hot linking is like killing a penguin or any other cute cuddly animal; it's a NONO. So don't do it. Or Kaguu and Danya will beat you unmercifully with pointy super sharp sticks.
2. Claiming our graphics as yours will get you in huge ginourmous unprecedented trouble. So no.
3. Comment the entries when you're gonna take something PLEASETHANKYOUVERYMUCH. :]
4. You must credit as well. Cause we all like a little appreciation now and then, right? :D
5. Just because an icon doesn't have text, does not mean that you can take it, slap some text on there and call it your own. It's not cool and it will srsly piss me off. And I'll just make this graphics journal members-only and private, and stick an ugly little watermark to all my graphics. So don't do it.
That's all for now! :3 We don't bite... unless you make us... so don't. 8D Please follow our rules, it's all we ask, and honestly it's not that much.


"Hmmm, but how do I credit?" is probably what you're asking yourself. Luckily for you, it's very very easy to do. Here's the how (for icons):

See, as for other graphics, a simple link back to the community is nice. :]


If you wanna affliate, all you have to do is ask in this entry please. We will try to answer your request ASAP. :]

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